Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

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Folk Art Calendar for Schools and Community

Type: Calendar ~ Folk Art for Schools and Community 2019
Price: $15.00
Availability: Usually ships within 10 business days.


The Junk Art Sculptures of beloved local artists Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent have become a part of the Sebastopol identity. Folks have been commissioning Junk Art to commemorate and celebrate all the special moments, people and memories in their lives, each sculpture has its own story to tell. The biggest collection of sculptures is on Florence Avenue in Sebastopol, and has evolved into a trick or treating destination for a generation of Sebastopol children. These junk art sculptures define Sebastopol and mean home to our town’s children. 

Every year, Patrick, Brigitte and friends make a calendar sharing the Junk Art Collection as a fundraiser for our local schools and community center. Local retailers join the fundraising efforts by selling the calendars to our Junk Art loving community. 

This project is an important fundraiser for local schools and the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. A big thank you to the calendar team Patrick Amiot, John F. Martin of JFM Digital Imaging, Gina Strathman Graphic Design, our sponsors, our retailers and you for buying this calendar and for supporting our Sebastopol Identity.


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